5 + Best HRM Software for Small Business

RUN hr software

If you’re a small business looking for the best hrm software, there are plenty of options out there. Each has its own set of features that help you manage a variety of HR processes from payroll to time tracking and talent acquisition.

However, it’s important to understand what your priorities are when selecting software. The best options will offer you a platform that can scale as your company grows.

List of the best HRM software


Gusto HR Software - best hr software for small business

Gusto is an all-in-one HR software platform that offers a range of human resources functions, including payroll, benefits, hiring and onboarding, talent management, timecards and attendance, and reporting. It also supports anonymous team surveys, customizable reports, automatic compliance alerts and more.

It is a popular option for small businesses that need to automate many human resources and accounting tasks. Its hrm tools are efficient and easy to use for employees and employers alike, making it one of the best hrm software options around.

The onboarding process is simple and fast. New hires can fill out their information, e-sign paperwork and store it online for easy access to their files. Its paperless self-boarding process saves time and effort on the administration of paid leave and I-9/W-4 forms.

Its time-off policy and overtime rules are customized based on the state the employee works in. The coworker directory can be modified to collect only the information that matters to your business.

Gusto’s compliance dashboard helps users visualize their legal obligations so they can ensure that they’re compliant with state and federal laws. The software also includes a compliance checklist that lets you know what steps you need to take for each law.

It also integrates with a wide range of popular business apps. These include Zero, ZipBooks, Sheets, Slack, Shopify and Hubstaff, among others. Its mobile app is available on Android and iOS devices.


Zenefits hr software

Zenefits is a full-service HR software that enables you to automate employee management. It provides a number of tools to streamline onboarding, time-off tracking and scheduling, and performance management.

It’s easy to integrate with other platforms, including payroll and health insurance providers. It’s also available in a variety of tiers, giving you flexibility and the ability to customize your package.

Hiring and onboarding is easier with Zenefits, and it also automates background checks and new-hire paperwork. You can send offer letters, conduct interviews and get documents signed online.

The platform also allows you to create org charts and company directories, so you can easily keep track of who is working where. Moreover, it lets you manage PTO requests, as well as set and review compensation metrics.

Payroll and benefits administration are also handled smoothly with Zenefits, as the platform automatically uses information from the time and attendance module to calculate payments. Its regular data updates reflect changes made anywhere else in the system, so you don’t have to worry about missing an important piece of information or running into a problem with your calculations.

Zenefits is an excellent choice for small businesses that need a comprehensive HR platform to manage all their employee needs. It has all essential HR features, offers great customization and doesn’t require training. But the platform does have some issues, such as slow loading times and a lack of integration.

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BambooHR is a popular HR software suite that offers a variety of tools to help you manage your employees efficiently. Its modules include employee records, time tracking, onboarding, and reporting.

Bamboo HR also includes an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that lets you advertise positions and receive applications. The ATS feature also lets you track the progress of any individual applicant throughout the hiring process.

This makes it easy to know how many applicants you’re getting and which ones are ready for a job offer. You can even assign candidates to ‘talent pools’ for later consideration.

In addition, BambooHR’s time-tracking tools allow you to easily set up and manage paid-time off policies for hourly employees. You can even approve time-off requests and automate approval workflows to ensure that everyone is getting the time off they need.

Another important part of the BambooHR package is the ability to organize all your employee data in a single, secure database that’s easily accessible from anywhere. This is great for small businesses that have lots of diverse workers.

The best thing about BambooHR is that it offers a seven-day free trial without any credit card required. After answering a few simple questions about your company and HR needs, you get a demo account that’s customized to your business. This will allow you to see if the software is right for you.

HQ Platform

HQ Platform

HQ Platform is an all-inclusive software as a service system designed to meet the human resource needs of small to medium-sized construction, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, production plants, factories, and workshops. It allows users to track time and attendance, manage projects, and streamline payroll processing.

Using this tool can save you up to 1 – 8% of your total payroll by eliminating the errors that arise when processing payroll from spreadsheets or paper time cards. It can also help you reduce labor costs.

Payroll automation tools allow you to set up processes that automatically gather and process data about hours worked, as well as payments. This saves you a lot of time, and it helps your team members get the information they need when they need it.

Other key HR features include document storage, which lets you store important documents in an easy-to-access format. This is a big time saver, and it can make employees more productive.

Another feature is reporting, which can provide valuable insights about how your company is running. This is especially helpful for analyzing employee performance.

If you’re a startup, you need to offer your employees a great employee experience. This is easy to do with a digital HR software solution. The best hr software can help you recruit top talent, automate onboarding, and deliver error-free administration. Plus, it can provide a scalable solution for your business as you grow.

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RUN hr software

HR software is a cloud-based solution that automates many human resource processes and workflows. It helps small businesses streamline the employee life cycle by managing hiring, payroll, benefits, and performance management.

The best HR software for small business is a flexible system that can grow with the business. It should have features that help your employees stay happy and productive, while also addressing common human resources pain points.

RUN, the payroll market leader from ADP, is a great choice for small businesses. It offers four service tiers that allow you to customize the features and capabilities that are right for your company.

The software can be used on any device, making it easier for employees to clock in and out to increase payroll accuracy. It also offers a free account to try out the system before signing up.


We have suggested some of the best hrm software for small businesss. Each software or tool has its own strengths and weaknesses. You should read reviews about each service carefully before deciding to spend money on it.

Remember to check VTsoft Review reviews on SaaS products to know if it is right for your business.

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