Top 10+ Best Email Marketing Tools To Try

Best email marketing tools

Whether you are looking for the best email marketing tools for your business or simply want to know how to set up your email marketing campaigns, there is no shortage of information available. Here are some of the best tools on the market, and how to choose the right one for you.

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List of the best email marketing tools in general

If you are looking for the best email marketing tools, the list below can help you out. Tools are recommended by thousands of businesses and individuals all over the world because they tightly meet the requirements of a good SaaS Products.


Moosend email marketing tools are designed to help businesses deliver branded, targeted emails. This helps to improve ROI. The software provides a number of features, such as email tracking, custom sign-up forms, and customer relationship management. It also helps to filter subscribers’ lists, making it easier to deliver targeted messages.

Moosend - best email marketing tools

Moosend also offers a drag-and-drop editor, which allows you to easily create and edit emails. It also offers a variety of templates, which can be downloaded from the Moosend library. This tool is perfect for beginners, as the software’s UI is easy to use. Using the tool, you can create stunning email newsletters without having to worry about coding.

Moosend also provides an extensive set of analytics. So you can track the number of people who have opened your email, as well as the number of people who have clicked on your links. The analytics helps to build a more accurate subscriber list.So you can improve your email marketing strategies in order to get more subscribers.

Moosend has a free plan that allows you to send an unlimited number of emails to an unlimited number of subscribers. You can also create and manage multiple mailing lists with this software.


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Flodesk is an email marketing tool that’s been specially designed for small businesses. They offer an email builder that’s intuitive and allows you to create beautiful email newsletters. You can also have an email analytics tool to track campaigns’ performance.

Flodesk also offers a comprehensive help section, walkthroughs and a dedicated support email. This is good news for novice users and experienced marketers alike. 


With an extensive library of beautiful templates, creating eye-cacthing emails is much easier. These templates come in different styles and are easy-to-customize. More than that, they are designed for mobile viewing, which are very responsive. You can resize emails for different screens.

You can also create full-page, inline or popup forms. Flodesk has a form designer, making it easy to create a form that looks great on your website. They offer custom fonts and image collages as well.

Besides, you can also choose to use a pre-designed email template or create a custom workflow. There are four workflow templates to choose from, each with their own unique features. There are also third party integrations such as Zapier and Shopify.

However, there are a few shortcomings with Flodesk. One of them is that they do not provide individual subscriber details. Another is that their analytics tool isn’t as comprehensive as other email marketing tools.

You will have a free 30-day trial before making a decision on using it or not. 


Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, there are many email marketing tools that can help you generate more leads and increase revenue. ActiveCampaign is one of the best email marking tools out there. With its multi-pathway sales automation, email marketing and CRM features, it promises to turn your leads into customers. It also has a webinar platform and offers live chat for support.

ActiveCampaign email marketing tools

ActiveCampaign allows you to create email marketing campaigns that target specific subscribers. Its drag and drop editor makes it easy to customize templates. You can also create custom fields to segment your contacts. Then you can choose content that is best suited for your target audience.

ActiveCampaign also offers predictive content. This feature will automatically send emails that contain content that is relevant to your subscribers. You can also set up automated sequences to send emails at the most opportune times. The downside to this feature is that it can take time to create. However, if you have a large subscriber list, this can help you to maximize your sales.

ActiveCampaign’s CRM features also help you to close deals faster. You can also track the behavior of your customers. This helps you understand the value of each channel in your sales funnel.


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Whether you’re promoting a product or service, Mailchimp is an excellent tool to help you reach your audience. It helps you optimize your email marketing efforts to improve your ROI. It’s easy to use and comes with many features that make it possible to build a great email campaign.

Mailchimp - best email marketing tools

The free plan from MailChimp allows you to send up to 2,000 emails per month. For larger numbers of subscribers, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan. This plan includes a host of other benefits, such as tracking order notifications and subscriber activity to your website.

Mailchimp also allows you to optimize your campaigns with automation features. These are helpful when you want to send emails to specific groups of subscribers, such as customers who’ve recently made a purchase. You can also automate email series that are triggered after a certain event, such as signing up for a newsletter. This allows you to focus on sending emails that are relevant to your audience, instead of having to create and maintain a series of emails for every customer.

MailChimp also has an open API, which allows developers to create their own customer integrations. This makes it possible to track your subscriber activity and trends in e-commerce traffic.

Benchmark Email

Using Benchmark email marketing tools can help your small business expand to a whole new level. These tools are easy to use, and provide you with a comprehensive solution for your marketing campaigns. With them, you can design beautiful email campaigns that will attract more customers.

Benchmark Email

Benchmark’s Email Marketing Tools Suite includes a classic email editor, an HTML editor, and a photo editor. With these tools, you can easily create custom email templates with images, text, and videos. You can also customize them with your own logos, colors, and themes.

Benchmark’s Email Marketing Tools also include automation features. You can send automated emails, create polls, and run A/B tests. You can also view email statistics in real time and even preview your emails on your mobile phone. These features make Benchmark easy to use for both beginners and experts.

Benchmark offers a free plan that sends up to 250 emails per month. You can also opt for a paid plan that sends up to 14,000 emails per month. You can also get a 30-day free trial.

Benchmark also offers a Getting Started website with a glossary of terms, and videos to help you set up your account. Benchmark also offers professional customer support.


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Whether you’re starting your own company, looking for an email marketing solution for your business, or are already using an email marketing service, Sendloop can help you get the most out of your email campaigns. This marketing platform allows you to build high-quality, automated email marketing campaigns that are easy to use, easy to manage, and deliver the best results.

Sendloop makes it easy to manage your email lists, and gives you access to over 1,000 third-party apps. The company also offers more than 80 free email templates. The company’s drag-and-drop email builder makes it easy to customize your emails for your audience.

Sendloop - best email marketing tools

Sendloop’s Booster feature is a great way to increase email open rates. It automatically follows up with recipients, encouraging them to interact with your emails.

The email marketing software also offers robust reporting. You can track your customers’ interactions with your emails, and see how your emails are performing in real time. Sendloop also allows you to create and publish Facebook ads. It also integrates with Salesforce and Slack.

Sendloop has two payment options. You can pay monthly, or choose the pay-as-you-go model. You can also choose a plan that includes a free trial. The company offers a full refund within 30 days of payment.


Designed by G-Lock Software in Minsk, Belarus, GlockApps email marketing tools help you improve email deliverability. This includes analyzing bounced emails, testing email delivery to popular email services and integrating multiple SMTP servers.

GlockApps email marketing tools are easy to use. The interface is modern and easy to understand, with a lot of data that can be easily analyzed. Using GlockApps is also an efficient way to ensure that your emails will reach their intended recipients.


GlockApps email marketing tools include IP Reputation Monitor, which helps improve website reputation and boost email marketing campaigns. To start, enter your domain’s IP address into the tool. It will provide an instant report. GlockApps also has a bot, which can be integrated into Telegram, Slack and other messaging services.

GlockApps also offers detailed spam/blacklist reports, which help troubleshoot deliverability issues. The company also has a Bounce Monitor, which tracks bounced emails.

GlockApps has been around for over a decade and has a strong reputation for producing cost-effective products that are useful for email marketers. GlockApps offers a free trial, so you can test out its email deliverability tools. You can also sign up for a monthly plan. You can choose between a personal, a business or a bundle plan. With a free support form, you can contact them anytime if you have questions or concerns.


GettingResponse is an email marketing tool that provides users with a great user experience. They offer a variety of tools and features to help you manage your campaigns. 

GetResponse is a great tool for tracking campaigns and analytics. It provides a detailed report of user clicks and opens. You can also track your bounce rates. This is especially important for those of you who use it for e-commerce. You can also connect your existing online store to the tool.


GetResponse offers a variety of tools and templates to help you create beautiful emails. They also include a powerful autoresponder builder. With this tool, you can create professionally designed newsletters without needing to code. You can also use it for surveys. It also allows you to create separate lists and send email to them separately.

GetResponse also offers a free 30-day trial. Feel free to try and cancel anytime in 30 days if you don’t like it. 

Tipi Mail

Using Tipi Mail for your email marketing needs can pay dividends, as it is one of the most comprehensive email services in existence. While it might not be the cheapest, it is also the most comprehensive.

Tipi Mail best email marketing


Despite its sizable upcharges, Tipi has managed to retain the trust of many affluent enterprises. Indeed, its small team of experts has mastered the art of email marketing like no other.

Tipi has also come up with a cleverly conceived set of standards which will allow for a smooth and secure transition from one email service to the next. To top it off, the company’s signature email service is also ad free.


Using the ConvertKit email marketing tool, you can set up automated workflows and customize your emails to your subscribers. It’s a great tool for eCommerce businesses, but it lacks mobile-optimized campaigns. It also lacks advanced features like data analytics.

ConvertKit integrates with other tools for email marketing, including Stripe and WordPress. It also supports a number of form templates. Its interface is straightforward and intuitive. It has a good set of tutorials and community-based support. 

Convertkit- best email marketing tool

ConvertKit’s email marketing tool is based on the concept of tags. Tags help you manage your subscribers by determining their interests. You can apply tags to subscribers based on their actions, which makes it easier to run automations.

On the ConvertKit free plan, you can use a landing page and email broadcasts.

Feed blitz

Using email marketing tools such as FeedBlitz can be useful for a variety of purposes, from launching newsletters to tracking marketing campaigns. FeedBlitz offers a suite of tools that can help you automate many of your email marketing tasks, as well as provide analytics to keep you up to date on your most valuable assets.

Feed blitz

While there are a number of best email marketing tools available, FeedBlitz stands out from the crowd. It offers an email ad network, RSS feed management, and a robust visual editor. The latter helps you create newsletters in minutes.

In addition, FeedBlitz allows you to integrate your newsletter with social media, YouTube, and Google Analytics. This feature really helps you grow social media’s followers.


Whether you’re a first time marketer or an experienced professional, VerticalResponse will help you build a profitable email campaign. The platform allows you to create beautiful emails in a matter of minutes. Its features include a simple email editor, pre-formatted content blocks and A/B testing. It also offers autoresponders, landing page builder, and social media integrations.


If you’re looking for an email marketing tool that doesn’t have an expensive monthly fee, VerticalResponse may be a good choice for you. However, you may need to spend some time getting used to its interface. It’s a bit more complicated than other email marketing tools, but the company is committed to making it easy to use.

Best email marketing software for beginners

There are many email marketing software options available for beginners, each with its own unique features and benefits. Here are some of the most popular and user-friendly email marketing software platforms.

  1. Mailchimp
  2. Constant Contact
  3. ConvertKit
  4. AWeber
  5. GetResponse

These email marketing software platforms are commonly recommended for beginners because they are user-friendly and offer a range of features to help users create and send effective email campaigns.

These platforms also offer support resources like tutorials and customer service to help beginners get started and navigate the software. Additionally, many of these platforms offer free plans or free trials, which can be helpful for beginners who are just starting out and want to try out different software options before committing to a paid subscription.

Best email marketing software for real estate

There are several email marketing software platforms that are well-suited for real estate professionals, offering features that can help with lead generation, listing promotion, and client communication. Here are some of the best email marketing software options for real estate

  1. Propertybase
  2. Wise Agent
  3. Constant Contact
  4. ActiveCampaign
  5. Mailchimp

These email marketing software platforms are commonly recommended for real estate businesses because

For example, platforms like Propertybase and Wise Agent are specifically designed for real estate professionals and offer features like lead capture forms, MLS integration, and automated campaigns. Meanwhile, platforms like Constant Contact and Mailchimp offer a range of templates and automation workflows that can be customized for real estate marketing purposes, such as showcasing listings and sending property updates.

Best email marketing software for affiliate marketing

When it comes to email marketing for affiliate marketing, it’s important to choose a platform that is affiliate-friendly and offers features that can help with affiliate tracking, promotion, and compliance. Here are some of the best email marketing software options for affiliate marketing

  1. GetResponse
  2. AWeber
  3. ConvertKit

These email marketing software platforms are commonly recommended for affiliate marketing because they offer features that can help with affiliate tracking, promotion, and compliance.

For example, platforms like GetResponse and AWeber offer robust affiliate tracking features that can help affiliate marketers keep track of their referrals and commissions. They also offer automation workflows and email templates that can be customized for affiliate promotions and campaigns.

Additionally, many of these platforms integrate with popular affiliate networks, making it easy for affiliate marketers to track their referrals and commissions from multiple networks in one place. They also offer features that can help with compliance with email marketing regulations, such as GDPR and CAN-SPAM.

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Having the right email marketing tools can make a huge difference to your business. Whether you want to create more leads, generate more sales, or create an email list, there are a number of great tools that will help you reach your goals. Above are 12 of the best email marketing tools we highly recommend. 

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